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Dear reader, 

Welcome to BitKings Exchange Blog. 

If you have known us for a while, you may already be aware of how important it is for us to be able to communicate with our big community. We have always been very active on our social media channels which gather a well-acquainted international group of people. Undoubtedly, BitKings Exchange launch required a special section (this blog) that would exclusively be destined to communicate with you. 

BitKings Exchange Blog is the place where we plan to make announcements about what is going on within the exchange, express our thoughts about the crypto market and cryptocurrencies, describe experiences, provide support … in other words, this blog will be the place where we keep communicating as we’ve been doing all along but in a more “corporate” way. 

This first blogpost is about how we got here; how BitKings project was born to be a simulated platform and grown to become a real crypto exchange. 

Now that you already know what this Blog is about, we wanted to take this chance to say thank you. If you already knew BitKings, thanks for bearing with us for the last two years; and, if we’ve just met, thank you for reading us and we hope we meet your expectations. 

BitKings History

From fiction to reality

Back in 2017, we can all recall a crypto atmosphere filled with misleading trading indicators provided by people who self-branded themselves as authorities or experts. In July 2018, BitKings was born with the mission to eliminate such misleading agents in the crypto-market.

BitKings started off as a social platform of simulated crypto-trading. It aimed to be the place where crypto enthusiasts would trade in a simulated way whilst making use of ultimate trading indicators and transparent information regarding the crypto market. This platform gave the chance to people to actually prove their trading skills publicly and via tournaments with historical data to back up. Moreover, for those who had always wanted an introduction to the crypto market but were too afraid to do so in a real exchange environment, they now had the chance to learn crypto from scratch and not lose a penny. 

The first MVP was created via a google drive sheet where telegram users sent a form with their chosen assets in order to participate in BitKings tournaments. The community response was huge and the first “tournament” had 100 participants and their performances reached  88% in a month.  

Here’s a snapshot of our (humble) tournament:

In short, BitKings platform launched in 2019 and offered rewarded tournaments and public portfolios where users could actually demonstrate to the market how knowledgeable they were about trading in the crypto market.

Once the simulated platform was launched, the co-founders envisaged a real crypto-trading platform as the perfect place where BitKings Community would be able to put acquired knowledge into practice.

This turn would entail a huge paradigm change in both business and technical approaches, in other words, creating BitKings Exchange meant starting from scratch although with a great supporting community.

After a long year of difficult development, thorough testing and great effort; BitKings Exchange has become a reality. As you can see, it is now formed by a Real Trading Screen and in the future will include a Virtual Trading Screen. Moreover, users will also be able to choose whether they want to trade through a Pro Screen (already available), including technical analysis indicators provided by TradingView; or an Easy Screen, which will contain simple steps to purchase crypto. The aim of offering these different screens and trading modes is to welcome all types of crypto traders and provide them with a comfortable experience regardless of their expertise.

Created and led by a group of crypto enthusiasts, BitKings Team believes in the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology worldwide and aims to enhance this adoption by spreading awareness and education on cryptocurrency. Hence, the Virtual Trading Screen will have public portfolios (such as in the old platform) and users will be able to learn from one another. 

Overall, the user experience goes like this: Newbies will be able to learn how to trade crypto in a virtual way and then put their knowledge into practice through an Easy trading screen. Those who are already familiar with crypto-trading will have a new Pro Screen to trade which, designed by trading experts, includes all the ultimate and important indicators at a competitive price.

BitKings has always been about getting people closer to the crypto world and “From fiction to reality” refers to the transformation of BitKings Platform to BitKings Exchange; a paradigm change that we believe will bring all of us closer to the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.  

Thank you and welcome to BitKings Exchange!

BitKings Team

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